Smoke Sessions

Hold the elevator
Just once more
For Catcalling sake..

Oh boy I see you coming a mile away, don’t think for a moment that you can escape..

Head- Genus Strong Face

Body- Legacy

Shape- My own personal

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Ears- L’etre Dilator Mesh Ears

Skin- Genus May -toffee tone


Bracelets- **RE** Venus Bracelets

Necklaces- Open Collar Black Mesh Buckle

Heels: Phedora ~ Jessabella heels 25 c _MAITREYA_@ Kustom9 this round:

TOP: EMPIRE – Crop Top -Materials_MAITREYA_

Pants- evani. Nessa zip.jeans / black /_MAITREYA_@ Kustom9 this round

Hair: Besom~Dadra All Tones@ Kustom9- this round


Until Next time.. ♥

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